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How people think, act, and feel as customers and employees.

Consulting and Research on the

Experience of the

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Help your business thrive by answering questions about how customers and employees think, act, and feel. 

Everyone can benefit from understanding their customers and employees more accurately. Whether you're just getting started and want to understand your market and what your potential customers will pay for or if you've been in business for years but are looking to expand your offerings or tighten your internal process. I can help. 

With a Stanford degree in Psychology and years of experience in technology, customer service, and internal process, I deeply understand how both customers and employees impact business goals and outcomes.  

I specialize in qualitative research methods, which allow me to create informed artifacts, like customer journey maps, that help you take action. My comfort with data helps me connect quantitative metrics to what I uncover through my research - providing you with a holistic understanding of how you can improve customers satisfaction, business outcomes, and internal efficiency. 

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Grays Harbor, Washington



Questions I can help you answer

Customer & Market

Who is my current or potential customer?

What does my customer need and want?

What will my customer pay for and how much?

What are my competitors doing well or missing the mark on?


How can I create a website that results in more revenue, conversions, or sign-ups?

Do people understand what my website should communicate?

How do people respond to my website?

How do people interpret my brand based on my website?

Do people know what to do when they visit my website?

Products & Services

Where are there opportunities to expand what I offer?

How well does our current product or service meet customer needs?

How can we meet customer needs more effectively with our current offering?

What is the experience our customers have with our product or service?

Sales, Support, Account management Experience

Are my customers experiencing the level of service I want to provide?

What do my customers take away after a touchpoint with my team?

What are the most common scenarios or questions that my team need to be equipped for?

Brick & mortar

How can I improve customer experience in my store that leads to more purchases?

How does my current or potential customer feel about being in my store?

Internal Operations

How can I standardize my processes across the company?

How can we work more efficiently and effectively?

How can I learn more about my customers via channels like sales, support, and account management?

How do I organize and manage my work and projects?

Are there tools that can help me organize and track my work?



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